November 22nd, 2020 : 12.00 PM - 6:30 PM IST

TKM College of Engineering, Kollam

Theme: Prosper.Sapience

“Prosperity is a mindset. It is our expectation and quest for it.”

The evolution of the hominid species to modern-day sapiens took over two million years. Being the most evolved and intelligent species on planet Earth ,are humans worthy of the title the wise ones? Does the turbulence and unrest that we showcase show otherwise? Wisdom is the understanding of the self, being in peace with it and smothering the turbulent undercurrent that we all possess deep within ourselves. We are in search of stories and experiences that can enrich every listener out there and help them shape their perspective and incorporate ideas of progress and prosperity in their lives.


Robert Kiyosaki

Maneesh Narayanan

Ravichandran C

Sun Knudsen

Anita Pratap

Radha Gomaty

Dr. Madhusudanan C G

Vaisakhan Thampi

Susmita Adhikari


Illusionist Raymi

Jo Marshall

Interactive Sessions

Roshan Mathew

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